Sheila and Dominic can help you with Supervision!


Supervision is an important part of a professional Counsellor’s life. Regular and appropriate supervision of client cases helps to protect clients and support Counsellors in what can prove to be very demanding work.

In their Registrant’s Guide to Supervision the BACP define Supervision as:

“A specialised form of mentoring provided for practitioners responsible for undertaking challenging work with people. Supervision is provided to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken” (Ethical framework for the Counselling professions: Glossary;

They go on to say that “Supervision is a value of the ethical framework and the register requires that all registrants should engage in supervision appropriate to their practice. Supervision allows the practitioner a reflective space in which to develop practice and as such benefits client safety.

Supervisors should be sufficiently experienced in counselling and psychotherapy or a closely related field ideally with some training and qualification in supervision.”

Dominic can now offer Supervision!

I am currently studying for a diploma in Supervision, and therefore as a student Supervisor I am able to offer low cost Supervision for 2018. This would be at a cost of £25 per 1 and half hour session. 

I am fully supervised for this course myself and work within the BACP ethical framework. You can have confidence in receiving appropriate and ethical supervision at very low cost while I am training. This offer extends for 2018 only and from then on normal professional fees will apply at £40 per hour or £60 for 1 1/2 hrs session.

Who does Supervison?

  • Dominic Quinn

    Dominic Quinn

    Person - Centred Counsellor

    I can offer you a safe, secure space to explore your life's challenges. I can also help if you are dealing with PTSD or any other traumas and I can now provide counselling services online via Skype, SMS text and phone calls. I am also training as a Supervisor and can offer low cost supervision.

  • sheilaprofile

    Sheila Ford

    Person - Centred Counsellor

    As an experienced Practitioner, Couples Counsellor and qualified Supervisor I can offer individual counselling, couples counselling and supervision of counselling practise.

    BACP Registered