Couples Counselling

Sheila or Dominic can offer Couples Counselling


Couple Counselling is where both partners in a relationship come to Counselling sessions together. The Counsellor will help the couple to talk openly about their difficulties and will seek to help them understand what underlies these difficulties. Together the Counsellor and the couple then work on how to make changes to improve the relationship. Sometimes a couple will decide to separate and a Couples Counsellor can support them through this process.
Couples come to Counselling for lots of reasons. For example:
  • Communication difficulties
  • Arguing
  • Affairs
  • Drifting apart
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Life stage changes (including having children, infertility, mid - life ‘crisis’, chronic/serious illness
  • Mental health problems (such as depression or anxiety)
Sometimes there is domestic abuse in a relationship. This may be emotional, verbal or physical. It is usually not appropriate to counsel a couple together if this is the case but there are lots of alternative sources of help which a Couple Counsellor can suggest.

Who does Couples Counselling?

    • sheilaprofile

      Sheila Ford

      Person - Centred Counsellor

      As an experienced Practitioner, Couples Counsellor and qualified Supervisor I can offer individual counselling, couples counselling and supervision of counselling practise.

      BACP Registered

    • Dom Profile

      Dominic Quinn

      Person - Centred Counsellor

      I can offer you a safe, secure space to explore your life's challenges. I can also help if you are dealing with PTSD or any other traumas and I  now provide counselling services in person and online via Skype, SMS text and phone calls. I also offer professional supervision and Couples Counselling.

      BACP Registered & Accredited