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About Me:

I can offer you the space that you might need to work through anything that is upsetting you or causing you distress as well as traumas of all kinds.

This can be:


  • In Person
  • Online, such as:
    • Text, instant messaging or video chat
  • Or a blended approach that suits you.

As an accredited member of the BACP you are assured that my practice meets the BACP higher standard as a competent , ethical and independant practitioner. 

What's important is the welcoming space I provide for you to say whatever you like where you can experience reflections that are safe and led by you.

We discuss how counselling might help you and the issues which you might want to begin to talk about so that we can agree, between us, on a way of working, bearing in mind my person centred and CBT  approach and the reasons that might bring you to counselling.

While often more than one issue can be present when someone is in distress, the kinds of issues clients have brought to counselling with me include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), abuse, anger-management, dissociation, post psychosis recovery, self-harm and suicidal feelings. There are many more and I would encourage you to contact me initially to discuss your needs.


I am now associated with the Fells and Dales group of accredited counsellors who provide an even wider option for therapeutic support. Just click the link to have a look : Fells and Dales Accredited Counsellors


In Person Counselling

We will have an introductory session where I can let you know some more about myself, how counselling works and you can decide if you would be happy to work with me. As it is very important that you are able to make an informed decision I believe it is ethical not to charge for the first half hour. If you wish to carry on then we can look at how often you would prefer future sessions. These are usually weekly but can be fortnightly if you prefer. You can have as many or few as suits you as the idea is you always remain in control of the process.


Online Counselling (Zoom or Skype)

I also provide counselling services online. Online counselling is an alternative way to get support from a professional counsellor. It is an opportunity to explore difficulties, express feelings and untangle troubles in a safe, professional space without judgement. Perhaps you have difficulties with mobility or prefer to communicate by text or via skype live chat or instant messaging. Online counselling can provide professional and effective counselling without meeting in person. You might even prefer a blended approach where some of the sessions are online and some in person. Use the email section below for more information on how Zoom or Skype works.




Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Do you feel its time to seek support for the effects of the national coronavirus emergency?  Perhaps feeling low or anxious. You are not alone if feeling this way and its true to say we are all in this together.  Talking to someone who understands can be very healing.

If you are an employer, are you able to offer your staff the support you want to give them?  Many  will be working with loss,  stress, low mood, depression and / or  anxiousness as well as traumas and will be looking for support at work to help them recover.

You may be seeking support online now for yourself and if so use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

If you are an employer you may have an employee assistance program to help support your staff and if so then do use that to keep costs down. If not I can offer your organisation an opportunity to  provide individual counselling  via video such as Zoom or by telephone for your staff.

Once we are all able to meet face to face again I can visit your organisation and provide a day (s) of individual counselling sessions for your staff to allow them to decompress and see if any are seeking further support following the national emergency.

Just use the contact form at the end of this page for more information. 

Trauma and PTSD Support


In addition I am able to offer support to help manage the distressing symptoms of trauma and phobias, having been trained by the Human Givens Institute to deliver rewind therapy which is a recognised gentle exposure therapy to help unhook the distressing feelings from traumatic memories. I will explain how this works and whether it is appropriate in your unique circumstances.

Having worked with and experienced traumas within the emergency services for over 25 years, I have a real understanding of the effects of trauma and PTSD and I can offer the gentle supportive space you need to work with these distressing feelings and memories recognising that everyone is unique and experiences and reacts to trauma differently. I can also offer Trauma focussed CBT (TF-CBT) , if we both agree that it could be beneficial.


Trauma Risk Management (TRiM):


I have also been conducting trauma risk assessments for the emergency services for five years to help assess those that experience traumatic incidents that need more intensive support.

While often more than one issue can be present when someone is in distress, the kinds of issues clients have brought to counselling with me include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), abuse, anger-management, dissociation, post psychosis recovery, self-harm and suicidal feelings. There are many more and I would encourage you to contact me initially to discuss your needs.


Couples Counselling

I am also able to offer couples counselling. 

Couple Counselling is where both partners in a relationship come to Counselling sessions together. The Counsellor will help the couple to talk openly about their difficulties and will seek to help them understand what underlies these difficulties. Together the Counsellor and the couple then work on how to make changes to improve the relationship. Sometimes a couple will decide to separate and a Couples Counsellor can support them through this process.


Workplace Counselling:QuoteNEW


I am able to offer one hour workshops for managing stress at work followed by an afternoon of individual counseling sessions for staff struggling with any issues particularly stress at work.




Pre Counselling Assesments

I can also offer pre counselling assessments on behalf of employee assistance companies. This will include a review of the clients presenting issues as well as an assessment of risk. An hour and a half should be allocated for this process and with the appropriate consents in place from the client a summary report returned within 48 hours.


Counselling Supervision

I am a qualified Supervisor  and work within the BACP ethical framework offering both individual and group supervision. You can have confidence in receiving appropriate and ethical supervision. Just contact me for more information.


For More Information


I have included an additional page which goes into more depth on the topics that I have mentioned and includes details of my professional membership, privacy and confidentiality policies and also further information on the next steps to take.


My Additional Information


Contact Dominic

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Contact Dominic

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Dominic's Approaches

Dominic's Qualifications

  • MBACP (Registered Accredited member)
  • MSc Biomolecular Organisation (Distinction)
  • PgDiploma Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Diploma in Supervision. (Leeds Centre for Psychological Development
  • Certificate in Couples Counselling. (Leeds Centre for Psychological Development)
  • PgCertificate Evidenced Based Practice (CBT)
  • Certificate in Rewind Therapy - Human Givens Institute
  • Certificate in Understanding anxiety & PTSD - Human Givens Institute
  • Certificate in Effective (Solution focussed) Brief Therapy - Human Givens Institute
  • Certificate in Couples Therapy - Human Givens Institute 
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (2011/2012)
  • Online Counselling Skills Certificate
    (with distinction)

  • Certificate in delivering Trauma Focussed CBT (TF-CBT)

Dominic's Fees

Face to face counselling in kendal


  • Initial meeting for individual or couple counselling– Free (half an hour)
  • Weekly session in person (Kendal)- £45 (one hour per week)
  • Advance book 6 sessions or more  £ 40  per session 

Couples  counselling 

  • Individual sessions £50 - Either weekly or fortnightly  

Zoom / Skype  Online Counselling

  • 1 hr - Live Skype / Zoom: £45
  • Advance book 6 sessions 1 hr   £40 per session
  • Text counselling 1  x Sheet A4   £45

I can accept cash  and for online payments PayPal and BACS transfer is also available on request


Dominic's Working Partnerships

I'm working with the Cumbria Stress and Trauma Centre, who are based in Penrith, and specialists in dealing with a wide range of personal challenges including trauma. You can find their website here!

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