Rewind Therapy

Rewind Therapy

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Rewind Therapy  is a gentle imaginal exposure treatment which forms part of the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Recent neurobiology research informs us that long term memory is significantly affected by stress and trauma where the memory fragments that are formed during a traumatic event do not get linked with the date and time it happened.

The result of this is that things that are similar to the traumatic event such as a smell, sound , place , feeling or object can initiate the bodily responses associated with the fight or flight reaction such as anxiousness, hypervigilance, rapid breathing , need to escape, sweating, nausea, panic attack, flash backs amongst many others and the sufferer may not even be aware of the trigger at the time and can be extremely distressing.

Rewind therapy is aimed at using gentle imaginal recall of the incident using imagery of the incident on a video recording going forwards and backwards in your mind whilst relaxed and in  a safe place which allows the mind to place the memory in context  that does not have the distressing and automatic feelings with it. No therapy can remove the memory but the rewind technique allows the brain to unhook the distressing feelings from the memory.

Who does Rewind Therapy?

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